Modern Manipulation Techniques. U wanna talk about it?

Thanks to the author of this site!
He did a good job warning the visitor about dangers of modern manipulation techniques.
But to buy the eBook? After the warning?

Are you kidding? I am not going to let you to manipulate ME!

So... You have your doubts? Great! And you know what? - You are right. Having doubts means, that you are not just an average person, you are very bright.

Thanks, that was cheap.

No, no, thank YOU. By the way, a reasonble person should always think before making a right choice. I tell you what - let our sales rep. talk to you about it, using modern manipulation techniques, shouldn't he?

This guy is your sales representative?!

A manipulation manager. Nice to meet you.

No kissing, pal :)

No paying until... no, wait!

You know, you have a point. This is a site about manipulation. And... after all this info... We are asking you to buy something?!!! Well... YES.

And yes, it is a manipulation. But as you see, I am not selling you a car loan or something.

Now, THAT would be unethical!

Absolutely. Unethical and not very honest. While "honesty" is my second name.

That is because I am offering you the information on how to recognize and resist someone selling you a car loan.

In exchange for money?

Spiritual, isn't it? And also - do you recognize it is a manipulation?

I sure do!

Yes, you do. So who is in control? You are. Isn't it simple?

You are damn right! I AM in control! Err...

After all, when you buy food, seller maniplates you too, correct? And yet, you cannot survive without food...

Yes, I can. I can take a rifle and go hunting. Heh. Got you here!

Is it? Where?

A rifle. A weapon. That's what we are offering. A weapon against the manipulation.

And of course, you may want manipulate others, too. If you want...

Aha... No, wait! You still want money! So the answer is simple. NO. Let me explain it on fingers. See the middle one?

They know manpulation techniques by heart, do they not?


Let me exlain on... err... Watch my lips.

How much money do you spend because of manipulation?

Seems like all of them.

Sure... But will it work? I mean, I am no pro.



You are not a pro yet. But as many people have noticed, a thousand miles trip begins in one step.

A thousand miles...

A giant step. Ok, let me tell you a SECRET. See, manipulation is easy. So, the learning curve...


A quantim lip.

I like it. How fast?

Ok, take me to the Order eBook!

It was nice talking to you. A good buy kiss, perhaps?


After you order this one, you may want to also take a look at our other tutorials. NLP, Hypnosis, Power - people love them!

Ok, what was it all about?

Using "And" at the beginning of a phrase works as a connector, creating pseud-logical link between parts of the sentence. This is a commonly used technique for creating a shallow trance during the conversational hypnosis. For details, see NLP and Hypnosis Tutorials at our web site.

Technically speaking, anything your opponent says can be used toyour advantage. In modern hypnosis, it is called "utilization".

From this point and through the entire conversation, our sales rep. talks about the "right choice", making what in Hypnosis is called a presupposition (not theNLP presupposition). He pre-supposes, that the sale will be closed successfully. Also, pay attention to the use of time - sometimes, he'll use past time when talking about a sale, as if it already happened. Things like that work well in hidden hypnosis.

"Shouldn't he" is another verbal trap from Ericksonian Hypnosis. We kind of ask client's opinion, but any answer (either "yes" or "no") are ambiguous, which is used as a trance-inducing technique.

A logical trap. Nothing hypnotic, but still creates confusion, and therefore, can be used to deepen the trance state.

By giving a confirmation at the moment, when the client is, presumably, confused, we push him towards a deeper trance.

Another nice trance-deepening technique. We confirm, what the person knows is true (I am not selling you a car loan). By giving statements, that he has to agree with, we make it harder to disagree in future.

This is clearly a joke, so the client will not argue. However (see Introduction to Hypnosis Techniques article), our unconscious does not make distinction between jokes and non-jokes. Anything you haven't filtered out (and you haven't, as you considered it an obvious joke) is perceived as truth.

A client makes a joke, but (see above) it works against him.

See Introduction to NLP Techniques article for "the power of BECAUSE". Also, "because" works as a connector, and it is true, which makes it a powerful trance-deepening construction.

Here we have a joke, together with an ambiguity. Not a very powerful by itself, it helped our sals rep. to go away from "In exchange for money?" question.

Close to confirmation technique above, but not quite the same.

Using an ambiguity again. But this time it forces the client to agree with the sales rep.

Same as above.

This is too straightforward. Either sales rep. makes a mistake, or he is expecting an objection and building a trap.

On one hand, we agree with the client, so he cannot object. On the other - we just have created a confusion.

He is in trance now. But if the sales rep. pushes too hard, he'll be out of trance (which is going to happen). Then, to bring the client back FAST, we need to use rapport we should have by that time.

Using "may want" instead of "can" is a classical technique from conversational permissive hypnosis. The point is, if the client wants to "manipulate others", then he agrees. If he does not want it - there is no reason to object, as it says "you may". Well... may be you may, may be you may not... Nothing to resist, nothing, that can break the rapport with hypnotist and to bring the client out of trance.

Too bad, he is out of trance. Let's do pattern interruption.

Can you say it was not a pattern interruption technique (see Hypnosis Induction Techniques article)?

All right, he is back in trance.

You already know these trance deepening techniques. First, sales rep. probably does posture, voice and gesture matching by now:

Second, the statement is something, that (at least at the moment) the client holds true, and third, it is not possible to unambiguously disagree with the phrase, that ends with "do they not", isn't it?

By the way, if he says "watch this pendillum, he probably wouldn't go away with it. But "watch my lips"? Why not.

This is a direct command to buy the eBook.

A command to agree, that buying the eBook would be wonderful.

Be in control, together with an order to buy the eBook. Nice, isn't it?

See NLP and Hypnosis Tutorials for "the power of BECAUSE". Also, it is a connector, because connectors are very important :) Connector allows to link together two statements, first is true (and client agrees), and the second is what we want from the client. But the link makes it a single statement, so the client has to agree to both parts of it.

Another direct order.

And another direct order.

NOW! - an order to act now. Also, it looks completely innocent in the text.

"as many people have noticed" - as "other people" do it, then it is ok for the client, too. This is a very popular manipulation trick ("thousands of satisfied customers" - does it sound familiar?).

Secret. Something, that assures a person that he/she is a chosen one. This is another well known manipulation technique.

A so called pivot. A client asked about something different, we used (utilized) it to our advantage.

A pattern interruption! While a client is in trance! That will probably deepen the trance even more. Time for a postponed hypnotic suggestion.

Sales rep. talks about the sale, as if it is already closed.

Permissive "you may", followed by instructions to take a look at other items on the site.

Same as above

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