Hypnotic Inductions

  • "Real life" techniques explained.
  • What to do, what are the critical elements.
  • What are the possible mistakes.
  • Why it works.
  • How to create your own techniques.
  • What to do after you done it.

I am going to describe some (not all - there are hundreds, may be thousands of them) examples of Hypnotic Inductions and mostly - inductions for the real life. As it is used more and more as the key element in persuasion techniques, commercials, election campaigns and so on, there is no doubt - the hypnosis is "out there". Learn to recognize it and learn to use it. Now is your chance.


I have few choices here. I can tell you how excited you should be about the knowledge you are about to get. In NLP it is called the First Position - I am manipulating you to take MY point of view as a sales person. Knowing Hypnosis and NLP gives you HUGE benefits. No matter what your goal is - you will do much better.

Or I can apologize. Sorry, but if you don't learn about the Hypnosis and its real life applications, you will be at a disadvantage as other people are still using it... In NLP it is called a second position, and it is not what a sales person should do. But it is true that some people are looking at the Hypnosis as at a manipulation tool. To tell the truth, I believe that the more they learn NLP, the more they will move away from this path towards "being good to people", so I welcome them here. Learn how to manipulate people - just don't be surprised if at the end of your education you will feel compelled to help them instead.

Or I can take the "third position" and tell you "logically" that the knowledge is the knowledge and it is up to the people to use it for the good. But I am not going to do it, as it is simply not true.

I will tell you a story instead. A story about a ten years old girl in New York, a very, VERY beautiful girl that once got in a real trouble on the street where she was not supposed to be and in the time when she was supposed to be in bed.

Just imagine this girl walking in the night (after she had an argument with her parents, but this is a different story. It is all long forgotten and forgiven anyway. Last time I saw this family - they were happy and well). So it is night, dark street, no lights (well, technically - they are there, they are just broken) and a drunk adult approaching with "look, a woman!" greeting...

The question is - what this little girl did (that she learned from her mother, by the way) that this adult run (and I mean it - RUN!) away?

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  1. Mirroring and leading.
  2. Language we use.
  3. Language presuppositions, reframings and verbal traps.
  4. Structure of a hypnotic sentence.
  5. States and chaining them.
  6. Example: a seduction techcnique.
  7. Example: how to like doing physical excercises.
  8. What we say vs. what we do (and do not admit).
  9. State of Power and messages we transmit to the world.
  10. Sensory based information - you need to know what to look for.
  11. Example: a handshake interruption technique.
  12. Anchors. Anchoring trance. Anchoring naturally occuring trance.
  13. Amplifying states using anchors.
  14. Amplifying states using a positive feedback.
  15. Confusion and design of short commands for confusion trance.
  16. Example: a coffee cup induction.
  17. Example: overloading.
  18. Example: focus of attention plus negative commands.
  19. Critical faculty and finding a way around it.
  20. Example: a hand watch induction.
  21. Triple spiral and a concept of "different resources for different states".
  22. Overlaping modalities. Where should we lead?
  23. Direct leading without mirroring.
  24. Negative commands and when should we use them.
  25. Congruent and incongruent physiology. How to say "wake up" and put person to sleep.
  26. Breaking the rapport.
  27. Using pauses.
  28. Maps of reality.
  29. Example: using maps of reality.
  30. Example: using gaps in the map of reality.
  31. Example: more patterns to interrupt.
  32. Rapport as an ultimate technique.
  33. Example: leading to deep sleep in two minutes.

  34. Conclusion.

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