State of Power Tutorial.

Learn to be lucky. Online. Right now. The Personal Power is inside you and it is yours already. Ready?

  • Learn how to set and achieve your goals - not the "step-by-step" instructions, but how to WANT to do it.
  • Learn how to teach your body to heal itself.
  • Learn it using the example of the vision improvement exercise.
  • Learn how to create a positive feedback loop to any organ, even the one you never thought can respond.
  • Learn how to remove negative blocks - the limitations you learned in the past and still carrying around.
  • And much more.

Introduction to State of Power

Can you be in control of your life? What is your threshold for Pleasure? Is it possible to heal yourself or are these stories just fairy tales? And what about the success? And happiness?

My first experience with the Power State was during my Master NLP training and it took me totally off guard. One of the NLP New Code exercises suddenly worked in a very unexpected way - and for the next half of an hour I was happier then ever before - and I had no idea why. But I became curious.

In the State of Power eBook you will find techniques that allow anyone to achieve the happy and healthy state. You will also find the philosophy, the theory that you can use if you want to create techniques of your own.

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I believe that it is possible to create a positive feedback between your emotions and almost anything in your life - feedback so powerful that you will be literally propelled towards your goals.

Some people might disagree. Some might say that by believing that life is good and that you are good and that everything is good you are misleading yourself. I wouldn't argue with them. One lifestyle, no matter how good it is, cannot be the ONLY life style. There is much more in life than State of Power as I understand it. And still...

...And still I do not know any happy person who does not believe that life is good. Do you? And I do not know anyone who is happy with his job if he is unhappy with his job. It is just not possible.

The State of Power is something you can use to achieve your goals. Is it a MUST? No. You can still achieve your goals without it. But if you have the state, then you will enjoy the process AND you will be more successful on the long run.

You can set your goals too, without doing State of Power. But those goals will be less challenging and you will be less motivated in reaching them. Why? Because here is a catch: if you are motivated then I call it part of the Power State! Tricky, isn't it? You can learn to become motivated.

You can be healthy without the State of Power. No problem. But it is proven by science that optimists have better chances to recover from any health related problems. And you can learn to be an optimist - it is part of the State of Power package, too.

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First of all, I will only give you my point of view. For those of you who have different ideas about what the State of Power is - it is quite possible that you are right and I am not. Because this Power... you see - it is very Personal. Personal Power. Different for every one.

But I am not going to teach you the theory - yet. Lets just do it. First of all, I want you to do a simple exercise. You will do it while I am explaining what it is about, OK?

SMILE. Yes. Smile. Put a smile on your face. In Hypnosis you would say "PUT A LIGHT RELAXED SMILE ON YOUR FACE". No. I don't want this smile to be relaxed. Make it big. Think - I am just trying to help - about the piglet on a cactus. I want this smile to be big enough for people to notice it FROM THE ORBIT. Yes. That's better.

I need a big dummy smile. GOOD! They say it is better to be a happy idiot than... OK, you got it right. Keep smiling while I do explaining. As you all know, at least I hope that you do, because I hope that you have read the Introduction to NLP, our physiology is closely related to our mental state. We feel good - we smile. We feel proud - our back is straight. And this relation works the other way too. We smile - we feel good.

And remember also, that what you feel is YOUR business. What does it mean? It means that YOU can DECIDE to FEEL as GOOD as you like. No matter what. You are in charge. Not this guy on the street that called you an asshole. You. You decide if you were insulted (and feel bad) or honored (and feel great about it).

KEEP SMILING. Now the question. How long does it take for the transition to happen from pretending to feel good to actually feeling good?

Keep smiling, I am about to make a photograph. You know this story about the dead men in a morgue who had a smile at his face? He was hit by lightning. Why was he smiling? He thought he was being photographed. So - how long would it take? It is less then sixty SECONDS!

That's right, in less than a minute your mental state will CHANGE. You just never did it before...

How do you feel? Do you realize that we just felt GOOD for no particular reason? All it takes is to SMILE for sixty seconds.

And it works the other way too, you know. So if you were just hit by a Jackpot and miss Universe accepted your engagement ring (a very expensive one) and you sit like that and with this sad expression on your face for thirty to sixty seconds - will it all matter? No. You can make yourself the most unhappy Jackpot winner in the world if you choose so.

And what is interesting - as you learn to smile at the world, the world is learning to smile at you, you know. So when you go through the exercises, be ready for all little miracles like sudden changes in relations, or say a... well, opportunities, lets say. I will talk about it more in the State of Power Tutorial.

Excuse me, what happened to your smile? Well, put it back! And if you have a problem with keeping smiling, maybe it is too hard and you haven't exercised these muscles for a long time... Let me give you another technique. Ready? Mental Manipulation, self confidence hypnosis, summary of persuasion, 
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OK, you take piece of tape... a short one... about 3-4 inches. SMILE. That's right. Put it there, at the left corner of your mouse. Now to the ear. Good! And the other one... Get the good medical tape, it will hold. And that's how you walk around. As I said, you will notice soon that people treat you very differently... I am talking about a major shift in relations here.

Now, we don't behave at random. We do what in NLP is called strategies. Some strategies are good, some bad and some are a disaster. Let me give you an example of the strategy that makes you an unhappy looser and then we will see what can be done about it.

Say, you are doing physical exercises. Oh, no! Yes, you do! And you are doing them starting Monday... I don't know what is wrong with Monday but it is the most difficult day of the week. Probably because it is the first day we do physical exercises. And the last day. Who had this experience?

My favorite example is with push-ups, as at some point I really hated it... You are doing push-ups - are you happy at that moment? Keep smiling. No, you are not happy. You are tired, you need air, your muscles are sore... So why are you doing it? Because you want this push-ups to make you strong and slim and healthy.

As you are doing these push-ups, what are you thinking? Oh, how stupid! Why am I doing it? Oh, I am so sore! Oh, I hate it! Right? Now, anybody remembers what an anchor is - I was talking about it in Introduction to NLP? It is when we create a state and link it to the way to access it. To the trigger. So what will you feel next time you think of the physical exercises?

And that is not just about sport, you know. People - like 99.99 percent of them - walk through the life like that. How many of you say "I hate my life"? So what state are you associating with your life?

Is there a way for you to be happy using this strategy? Sort of. Lets say you were persistent. Then some time later you noticed that it works and you look better and feel stronger now. It is your REWARD and you might feel good about the whole thing. But you need to get some results first. That is part of your strategy: get results, then be happy about it. Right?


Using this strategy you will almost never get anywhere - too much suffering, too little motivation. Your strategy has too many "exit points" - every time you feel bad you will be tempted to exit. To stop doing what you do. To go back to the fridge full of chocolate. Bad strategy!

Let's design a good strategy now. Knowing what we already know it is so simple! First you SMILE! And you MAKE yourself happy. And you believe in your wonderful self. You can do ANYTHING. And you feel good about it. And then guess what will happen? You do push-ups with this happy smile of a dummy on your face. That's right. Why would you want to exit a strategy if it makes you feel good? You wouldn't... hypnosis story,altered states of mind,hypnosis for diet,weight control hypnosis, 
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So that's what we are going to work on - the State of Power. The state of a happy free person.

Keep smiling. I will make you smile you know, even if it is the last thing you do in your life. Just kidding...

Ask ten people to name a part of the body that pops up to mind first and eight of them will say "nose" or hand. I don't know why. (And I am not telling you what the other twenty percent will suggest ;) OK, say you have a sore nose. What do you do? You hate it. This stupid nose. Can I take Tylenol? Should I just smash it?

This is your strategy for dealing with problems, no matter if they are physical problems or life problems. You have a problem - you hate it. And it is not getting any better...

Because you do not give your body any directions. You DO NOT want your nose to be sore - but WHAT DO YOU WANT? Have you EVER complimented yourself? Have you ever told yourself you are proud for doing two push-ups in the morning, regardless the fact that you wanted two hundred? Have you ever gave your unconscious mind a clear idea of what you WANT as opposed to what you hate?

In this text I am going to show you how to create a positive emotional feedback between a good feeling and your health, so that your body learns to move towards this "perfect state". Or how to use it to motivate you - and believe me, this motivation is WAY stronger than anything you can imagine. Because I am going to teach you how to do what you want. Do you want it?

And smile, always smile. If you don't know what to smile at - look at the person in the mirror. That's right. And if you think this person isn't funny - well, make a face!

And as you learn to live in this state (not the face you make to the mirror! The smile! Unless it is your choice...), YOUR NEGATIVE BLOCKS will BEGIN TO DISSOLVE. And you will HAVE more reasons to SMILE. When you change, the world changes as any event around you is nothing but your reflection.

Just create confidence that everything will be good. Not better - GOOD. Get used to the idea that you are learning to influence the world around you. OK? When you produce light, you attract light. That's why all personal development gurus tell you to stay away from the losers - it is contagious. Be with the winners - and the world will get used to the idea that you are a winner too. You will even notice that animals begin to adore you. Hmmm... Those guys taste great... Can I get some ketchup? Don't try your skills in the zoo, OK? Few years ago the Darwin Award was given to two guys who were trying to put some lotus flowers on the Bengal tiger - don't do that. They was in a pretty bad shape after it, you know. hypnosis spiral, hypnosis and smoking,positive change hypnosis, hypnosis use, self confidence hypnosis,
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In the State of Power Tutorial I am going to teach you how to influence your internal organs, it is very simple, really. It all is about the positive feedback and it comes from what Yoga calls Pranayama. I will also teach a little bit about how to achieve the state of hysteria - but without the negative component. A positive hysteria.

Now lets do some vision correction. Why vision? Because if we do something with your nose, it will all be between "I kinda feel" and "I kinda don't". While with vision - you can SEE the results. Right now you already know enough to create an exercise that will improve your vision. What do we need?

First, we need to smile. Because there is no difference if we are doing push-ups or if we are improving our vision - if we are bored, tired, sleepy, if we hate it - it is not going to work. SMILE. Become happy.

Then we need to believe that it is possible. As the matter of fact it is. There are many cases reported, when a single hypnotic induction would improve person's vision. So in this particular case there is a proof, but generally speaking, you do not need a proof - just tell yourself that you are going to be the first dummy on the Earth who will do it. It will work just as well.

So you are happy and you believe. Now you need to tell your body what is it exactly you need. How do we talk to our body? We send an E-mail. No. We create a positive feedback loop. I saw this idea a lot in different schools, but the most clear explanation you will find in the latest works of Richard Bandler - he calls it "propulsion systems". He does not put as much emphasize on smiling, but the way he performs at his seminars is very uplifting. So - please, credits to Richard Bandler. And if you can - get his books and CDs. He is amazing.

Here is how we create the positive feedback. For this exercise you will need a text of some kind, one that you almost can read, but not quite. Use flyer at the wall will do, just make sure characters are small enough and text is far (or close) enough to make it difficult to read - but not impossible. Also you need bright lights. (I never thought about it, but can we improve our night vision if we use dim lights? Yes, according to Richard Bandler...)

Our vision is not a constant. It is oscillating a little bit. Now it is better, few seconds later it is worse. And for each and every little improvement during the exercise - thank your eyes. You can use words (in yoga they have a tradition of talking to the internal organs a lot), but what really counts are emotions. Send positive emotions to your eyes. And not only that - feel happier. Smile more. With excitement. That's right. Because you need to create an anchor between good results and positive emotions. You need to show a direction - which way to change in order to feel good.

And what do you have to think and feel when the vision is at declining part of an oscillation? Feel bad? No. NO. We NEVER feel bad. Never criticize. Remember the example with push-ups? You discourage yourself - you create an excuse to exit the strategy - you stop.

So you are going to look at this text and to read it. No tension. Relax. Smile. And whenever your vision improves - which WILL happen due to natural oscillations - make sure you feel GOOD. Every time you have an improvement. Even a tiny one.

That is it. We have just created a positive feedback loop that will help you with your vision. It is good that we have a feedback from our eyes, so that we can tell when the vision is improving. Later in the State of Power Tutorial I will teach you how to get feedback from any organ.

OK, now back to that fact I mentioned. That using hypnosis we can improve vision. Yes we can. But results wouldn't last long. Why?

Because you have memory. You remember having bad vision, or whatever other problem you had. You can have some changes almost instantly, as you are about to see. But you need to be persistent if you want to keep them. And by persistent I mean - you need to create a habit of being different. You need to convince yourself that you are different. And then it will become a habit. So if you do not drive over the speed limit for some time... you will never do speeding again... No, probably not. But you know, I never tried... AND I NEVER WILL!

Anyway, you need to REALIZE that we are not talking about the exercises here. It is a lifestyle. It is not something you do 10 minutes a day and abandon for the other 23 hours 50 minutes.

This whole eye routine came from Yoga, by the way. It is exactly how I was told to do it when I took the Hatha Yoga classes, but the teacher admitted that he is not very traditional. Also I used some NLP to change the explanations. They have amazing results with vision correction in Yoga. I just wanted to do it faster and to make it more fun.

Now after we are done with it, put your palms together and rob them against each other. And when they worm up, put them on your eyes. Imagine clear water washing over your eyes (Yoga again) when you breath out. Don't forget to feel happy.

Lets do something about these smiles of yours. That will be the last thing for today, so use all of it, OK?

I would like to ask you to CLOSE YOUR EYES if you want to, but do not RELAX. I want you in an active state. Also, some people find that it is better to do standing, while others prefer to do it sitting. If you don't have problem staying, like a sore back, you better... well, you decide.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Smile. It is very important that you keep your smile and the posture, and just pretend to be an omnipotent person. Because if you pretend then in thirty seconds to one minute you will become one.

Take another breath and this time feel the air. Have you ever noticed how good it feels to breath in? Did it already occur to you that by smiling when breathing you will learn to love breathing? Breath and feel GOOD. You can stretch a bit and maybe even straighten your back and shoulders while you ENJOY your breathing.

And as you take the next breath, feel each and every muscle in your body, and feel them as you would like them to be. Strong. And healthy. And happy. You remember, don't you, that we are learning to give ourselves directions, so as the air, the energy you breath in is filling your body, pretend to be who you always wanted to be.

And smile, because it feels good.

And double this feeling. That's right, as they say in NLP, "just do it". Now.

And double it again, it is like you are almost overwhelmed with this "feeling good" feeling.

And stretch up as you breath in, smiling. Extend your "power" out, give the world a hug.

And double it again.

It is as if you picture yourself in whatever place you would call a place of power, the most beautiful, the most Personal, for you. As if you can enter it - any time. Take a deep breath and notice how much power, how much energy you have now. And as your power raises - notice the light, some kind of aura that your body have now. That's right. Feel how different it feels and yet - how wonderful. And now, keeping this smile and this energy... slowly come back.

I suggest you sit for a minute or so to digest whatever you got there, OK? That is it. The end.

I suggest you sit for a minute or so to digest whatever you got there, OK? That is it. The end.

If you want to learn more about the State of Power techniques, read the State of Power eBook.

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