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Introduction to NLP Techniques

This NLP article and a corresponding eBook provide a good introduction to modern NLP Techniques. What I mean by "modern is... If you know NLP well enough you cannot help noticing, that most TV commercials use textbooks from mid-seventies. I tried to present the current state of NLP instead.

Here you will find both the theory and some examples, including the "real life" applications; again, it is not always easy to find. Using NLP in therapeutical setting is explained as well.

The eBook covers pretty much all that the Master level certification requires and can be used as an NLP tutorial both for beginners and and gurus.

The book gives you enough knowlege to use NLP for any reasonable purpose and sufficient theoretical foundation in case you want to be able to come up with persuasion patterns or induction techniques of your own.

Also covered the Reimprinting, Timeline Therapy and some other advanced nlp techniques.

Introduction to Hypnosis Techniques

Introduction to so-called Covert Hypnosis, also known as "conversational" and sometimes "permissive", one of the most flexible and powerful influence tools. Being (as the name implies) covert, these techniques are used much more often than one can guess. Learn how to recognize them when used by others, and learn to use them, too.

Tutorial explains using language, posture, observation and countless little tips and tricks to guide people into the altered states both in the therapy frame and in the real life.

Introduction to State of Power

State of Power is when NLP Techniques and Conversational Permissive Covert Hypnosis (pick one) Techniques come together to give you unique ability to perform the Art of Mental Manipulation on yourself and as you do it - to influence events in your life. It is as if you suddenly got lucky. And then you got lucky again. And again - until you realize that something else is at work here and luck has nothing to do with it...

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Healing is covered, too. There are countless stories "out there", from the success psychology adepts about miracles of the Self Hypnosis Healing producing dramatic changes in people's life and health. Now you too can learn HOW to do it - learn as a system, rather than "hypnosis success story" urban folklore.

This technique uses a rather unique approach resulting in - let's call it a controlled hysteria - to find and dissolve all the past negative memories and limiting believes, and the amazing part - as you do it you might suddenly realize that the world around you is a reflection of who you are and the more powerful you become the more support you have from the world around you.

The tutorial also covers creating a positive feedback to any internal organ that can be used to improve your health - here we may talk about combining NLP and Hypnosis Techniques on one side and Yoga breathing exercises on the other.

Hypnosis Induction Techniques

Here you will find some of the most poweful Hypnosis Induction Techniques that can be used to move people to altered states, with the detailed descriptions of what to do and how and why is it working.

This tutorial can be used both as the source of free Hypnosis Induction Scripts or for guidance on how to create your own Hypnosis Induction Techniques.

Working with the Future

There is a saying that "if you don't care where you go then you probably are not lost". This is exactly how most of us live our lives - they are not lost, no. They are just... not clear on where and why they are going. MOST of them. Of us. "If you are not clear on where you are going, you will not like the place where you arrive". Think about it.

While if the goal is designed properly it becomes so irrisistable that you are going after it and you are enjoying the process and your success is just a matter of time...

The tutorial also contains some interesting self hypnosis scripts, in addition to self hypnosis techniques that are covered in the free E.mail class offered on this site.

Learn to set a goal in such a way that is becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Create forces that will propel you towards what YOU want. And learn to make sure that you want it.

Isn't if facinating, that people would often do everything in their power to fail their goals! And very often often they do it because - are you paying attention - "it is a natural thing to do". For them it is. It is their strategy of dealing with goals, their strategy to fail. Guess what - in NLP we can change any strategy we dislike - at a blink of an eye!

Let me give you an example. Lets say, your goal is "to do aerobics because my doctor is concerned about my health". Bad news - the more your health is improving, the LESS motivated you become! While if your goal is "to do aerobics to feel great and better every day" - do you see the difference? A little thing... few words... but as I said, I find it facinating how often people would do everything and anything in their power to fail their goals...

Working with Money

When people learn to set and achieve goals, all areas of their lifes are being affected. Some of the changes are spontaneous - as if "it just happened". And it is fine. However you can always achieve more if you are applying a system - so let's outline a system for "inviting" money in your life.

Some may say, that NLP is about your mind while money issues are far from being "spiritual"... But "there is nothing spiritual about being broke" either.

NLP is one of the best tools (and certainly the most painless one) when it comes to changing people's behaviour. Lets find out if we can change our life to become more successfull with money - just to test our new skills. As always, the solution is not where we expected it to be...

NLP for habit management

Hypnosis to stop smoking, Hypnosis to lose weight and more...
Outline of some techniques that can be used to control habits that control you. Think "stop smoking". Think "stop eating junk food". Think "enjoy life". Think.

When we make conscious decision to change one of our "bad habits", the conflict begins - the conflict between emotions (I want) and logic (I must). And in NLP we know that in the conflict like this emotions always win. Always.

Unless we know the way around...

Art of Manipulation

Modern Manipulation techniques are part of our everyday life, from convincing a spouse to take out garbage to building financial pyramids, when sane, sober and fully awake people give their money to total strangers...

This tutorial is not about NLP and Hypnosis, but rather about "weak points" all people have, about strange, shocking and hard to believe ways we behave if (when) placed in particular circumstances.

These "weak points" are pre-installed by our culture, and they are almost impossible to resist, especially if you, like most people, have no idea they exist.

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