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This book is a good introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
It provides both practical advices for those who is planing to use NLP in the real life
situations and theory that you need to come up with your own persuasion patterns.

NLP, Hypnosis, Power

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To learn more about NLP read the Introduction to NLP online text.

We - people - are strange creatures. We learned how the electricity works and we don't think it is magic anymore. And we learned how the solar system works and we know now that the Earth is orbiting the Sun and not the other way around. And we learned many other things, too.

And yet our mind remains a mystery for the most of us. We just have feelings - for no particular reasons. We just have skills and limitations. It happens to us and we have no control over it.

Or have we gave up this control? Is it possible for us to DECIDE what to feel and how to behave rather than to react to external events. Can you be in control of your life?

And why is that we have so much problems communicating our point of view to others? Can we learn THEIR language and make sure they LISTEN when we talk?

And why some people have allergies and others don't?

In the NLP Tutorial book you will find some answers. And techniques. And you will learn to create techniques of your own. And to manipulate yourself and to persuade others. And more - as this journey never ends.

There are plenty of NLP books out there. What makes this one different? I believe that it is the approach. I don't want to be told what to do - I want to understand how those techniques were created. I don't want to be a student. How to become a master?

This book will teach you to look at the world from the NLP point of view. Unlike some (not all, don't take me wrong - some) other books that you can read, close and forget. After you finish this one you will suddenly begin to notice things about yourself and people around you, that you never noticed before. A new perspective, a new chance to see it right.

NLP now became part of our life. It is used in clinics - usually in a very strange way. It is used in the commercials. And in the election campaigns. And on the street - in the book you will find some very non-traditional examples.

Can you use NLP to make your children to go to sleep? Will it work on a job interview? Can you seduce someone - or can someone seduce you - using these techniques?

And what about goals in your life? Can you set them in such a way that they are achievable and fun to achieve? And what if you don't believe that you can achieve them? Can you get rid of this limiting believe using NLP and to believe in something useful instead?

Still not convinced? OK. Fine. Go to your old routine, day after day, year after year, until nothing is left but the question - what is it you missed back then when you decided that the NLP is not for you?

The eBook you are about to download is in PDF format and therefore you will need to download a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Learn how people think.
  • Learn how to affect people's thinking using words.
  • Learn how to remove negative blocks - the limitations you learned in the past and still carrying around.
  • Learn how to set and achieve your goals.
  • Learn how to stop doing strategies that fail and design strategies for success.
  • Learn how to teach your body to heal itself.
  • And much more.

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